This page contains information about the LifeCurve™ and how we use it.

About the LifeCurve

The ADL LifeCurve™ is a tool developed by ADL Research and Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing to map age related functional decline

Research shows that if you act early, you can have the greatest impact on your ageing journey. Most people will start to lose the ability to carry out these 15 daily tasks in an order similar to that shown on the graph. If you keep your abilities for the longest possible time at the early stages in this decline, you will have the best ageing journey.

Only a small proportion of your ageing journey is genetic, how quickly things change is up to you!

ADL Smartcare have developed optimal outcomes for each stage of the curve designed to help you keep/regain your ability to do that task.

Remember that if you avoid tasks that you struggle with you may eventually lose the ability to do them. Your resourcefulness, life experience and attitudes on ageing are assets – you can use them to change the shape of your curve.

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